Will you be hired in 30 years?

No one has a clue about the job market in 2050. All agree that Artificial Intelligence is threatening their job since it is taking over the tiniest action in our lives from ordering lunch to diagnosing our sickness. They fear that soon they will be replaced by robots and find themselves under the domination of machines because wealthy countries are spending huge money to finance this research seeking for power and especially profit to dominate as well the world.

First of all let us understand what AI is and what you will be reading about in this article.

With AI development, economists agree that 15 jobs will disappear within a few years like drivers, farmers and cashiers and statistics confirm that 85M will be unemployed globally.

Some compare it with the industrial revolution, they claim as it has stolen jobs, it will create new ones. For example labourers were able to work in a manifacturer, more fields were generated like cyber security and remote control.

But this comparison can never be made. Big companies aim for more money. To get this money, costs must be minimized to the ma. Since automation facilitates this goal, the majority of human capital will be for sure abandoned. Taking an example of an AT & T firm, the biggest one in the nineties had 785,611 employees and today APPLE has only 137,000.

Every post will be replaced by a machine.We will need educated skilled people with a high level of expertise so they can have a job. Tailors, fast-food workers and printers lack the relevant education and the adequate training to operate in this new world. As a result two classes will appear.The up-skilled class will be employed and the unskilled, the “useless class”as Yuval Noah Harari describes it, will be unemployed.

The world began living this scenario.This year the covid-19 encouraged hiring robots in the hotels, in airports, cleaning floors, as security-guards … Millions of citizens lost their jobs and they risked being unemployed for years. Lei Ding, economic advisor said “The longer it takes to fully control the virus, the higher the probability that the labor-saving technology will become permanent”.

In the past, people were at ease, they believed that machines can never be human because we have a complicated brain and psychological emotions, mood and so on. The surprise is AI is capable today of “understanding biochemical mechanisms” (21 lessons for 21st century).

After all our feelings are neurological messages and these messages are electrical codes. Codes mean algorithms, one day if programs will master decoding us then it will guide and control our desires, decisions and choices.

On the opposite side, it is believed that many jobs AI can never take place over. Namely who needs compassion, tenderness and sympathizing. Robots are not eligible to do nurses work that requires emotional skills to deal with patients. Psychotherapy also is safe from this invasion because no one would accept talking with a radio, a stable tone about his problems, they will absolutely prefer a human being. As well for judges, since machines stick to rules and judging must be rational and harmonic with case. A thief of bread to eat is not in the same pan with someone who stole money from his workplace. The same for the jobs that need interpersonal skills and creativity to solve problems like managers.

At least these ones are safe till now. If you are practising one of them then be at ease!

The same community believes that AI will improve human learning skill, his standard of living, his life in general. Self driver cars are the most striking example. In fact these cars are interconnected. They master driving rules more than humans,so the percentage of miscommunication is too weak which minimizes at the same time the number of accidents.

Therefore, from their perspective we must adapt with these changes to coexist peacefully with robots.

Even though the threats remain and these questions need answers. Will humans be slaves of technology? Will the human rights lawyers, organizations and governments lift a finger to limit these researches and save humanity or they are speechless in front of powerful countries, creators of AI? Is coming back from this danger possible?



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